• Acupuncture

    Treating the Whole Person

    We treat the whole person, taking into account mental, spiritual and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease. 


  • Chinese Herbology

    Safe and effective

    Chinese Herbolgy is a very safe and effective adjunct to acupuncture.  The herbs are now tested at the source and again in the United States to assure they are testing for pesticides and heavy metals.

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At Pure Health Natural Medicine, our goal is to offer our expertise to quickly assist you in feeling more like yourself. Once people can begin to return to feeling like their normal self, true deep healing and improved functioning are occurring.

Let us show you how a comprehensive way of evaluation and treatment can help you feel more like the way that you remember. Box for scheduling an appointment underneath.

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Using Acupuncture to treat the whole person.

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Chinese Herbology

Safe and Effective adjunct to acupuncture.



The ancient theories of balancing needed nutrition for each individual.


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